Google or paid?

If my app is free to download but then has paid upgrades available, do I choose “free or paid” app in Google play?


Free / Paid is how much the app costs to download. Doesn’t matter if you have in-app purchases or not. It’s up to you.

Generally apps are free but have in-app purchases. And paid apps ususally come without in-app purchases. But you can do it however you’d like.

To answer your question, you would select FREE to download.

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Thank you so much Mark!!! I know it seems like a simple thing but it’s so helpful to actually know instead of guessing. Now I’m just trying to figure out how to configure our in app subscriptions in Adalo so they are active in our app in Google play store. Any chance you know about that too?

I think I know what you’re asking. The best method (at least to start) would be to create a True/False property in your user collection. Name it “Pro” or something related that works for you to identify who’s Pro or not.

Now in your app, all the components / pieces you want pro you’ll assign something like:
Logged in user > Pro > True (for the items you want the user to be paid to see)

You also need to create the in-app purchases in Google / Apple as well so you can attached the product ID in the in-app purchase app.

The in-app purchase component is where you’re going to add “update user” under the “upon successful completion” to TRUE under Pro. This will give the user the “true” status thus unlocking all the “trues” in your app for the user.

Hope this helps.

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Btw, you don’t have to put False on everything else within your app :stuck_out_tongue: You can leave them alone whatever will be accessible / free for the user.

Very helpful, thanks again Mark!

So, if I have a button on my app for users to “subscribe”, do I just create a product ID in Google and add it to the button?

yes and no here.

You said subscribe. Right now the Adalo in-app component doesn’t allow “subscriptions”, yet, only “one time” purchases.

So I had to improvise until the subscription comes out. What I did was add “lifetime” deals in my app at higher prices than a monthly. To be honest, I’ve had 5 (7-10x more than I would make monthly) sales, all lifetime deals. lol. So there is a buyer at every level, so don’t let it discourage you.

Adalo knows the subscription part is HEAVILY requested, it should be out soon. Email support for an updates.

I’m assuming this is what you’re asking.

one-time = the user can buy as many times as they want still. But you’ll have to configure your app differently if you want things to reset. Not a suggested workaround tbh but all depends on your app too, which idk. lol

You can also check out this solution to subscriptions by @TKOTC

You are the best. That’s exactly what I’m trying to solve and now I know to stop trying to find the solution because, right now, there isn’t one.

I don’t think I can charge lifetime because we are expensive compared to most apps…our app is $40 per month so…that would be a pretty hefty ask even at 1/2 price for a year as lifetime.

When I looked at IAP+Subscription earlier today, I went to their site and it was down so I’m leery about using their product.

I think someone from Adalo told me that I can use Stripe on Android but not IOS. Know anything about this?

Correct. Stripe+subscription is best for android, apple is snide about it. lol.

I gotcha on your pricing, yeah makes sense.

A lot, a lot of people are waiting for the official Adalo IAP+subscription component to be released, it’s a hot ticket item currently, so I’m guessing any week now. Hopefully.

It’s been great getting your help Mark. Thanks for confirming I can use Stripe with Android, I’m all set up to do that in my app. Just have never published anything so I’m unsure of everything :slight_smile:

I sure do hope Adalo comes out with their official IAP+subscription component before I publish but if I need to I can use Stripe. Thanks again, Kalee

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No problem. I was in your shoes 3~ months ago with the same questions, so I understand the learning curves.

I didn’t publish until I tested everything. Always test with TestFlight and GooglePlay testing before you publish a live build imo.

Good luck!

@marklive @KaleeG

You can open a ticket with Adalo and request access to the beta version of the in-app solution for subscriptions.

If that’s something you would be interested in.

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That’s wonderful Charles! Thanks so much, I’ll do that right now!

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