Google Sign-In component not working

I installed the Google Sign-In component, and configured it following this documentation: Sign in with Google - Adalo Resources

Everything is setup, and as Action After Signup, I inserted a link to an After Signup page:

If I try to signup (, the Google window pops up, I see a short “One moment please…” loader, then the pop-up automatically closes and I remain in the signup page (I’m not redirected to the After Signup page). Also, no new record is created in the Users collection.

How do I fix this?

Hey there @Productology

Based on #9 on the documentation, you have to set it as internal or external.

If you’ve set this as external, you need to get your app reviewed & approved by Google. This is more than likely the case.

If you’ve set it as internal, you need to list the email addresses of users that you will allow to signup.

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