Sign in with Google SOLVED issues

A few of you have posted of difficulties with the Google Sign-In component. Me too. I just got mine to work on web (not native) and wanted to share my insights. Once you’ve been provisioned your Google web client ID and paste it into Adalo, then here’s how I hooked everything up:

  1. The component actually Creates a User, Signs up the User, and Logs In the User to your Adalo DB upon being clicked. It appears to do this even though I didn’t explicitly collect an email address (which comes from Google) NOR A PASSWORD.

  2. On my 2nd signup screen (linked from above screen holding the Google sign-in component), I collect a Full Name, a Password, and a Confirm Password. Upon clicking Submit, the action used was to Update the Logged in User with these properties.

I’ve only tested it once, so hopefully it doesn’t break. But I plan to create more personal Gmail accounts for further testing. Let me know if this has or hasn’t worked for you. But the above refers to my web app only.

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