Show some love for my sign up onboarding flow if you like it, i will release it for you all

Kind of need some motivation from you all since this is my first time on the forum


Welcome to the community! I love the design. Clean and simple.


:star_struck: :ok_hand:

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Nice work, really like this design


Awsome design!

How did you manage the “show password” button?

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Love this @olushola !!

This is awesome! Love the UI and look! Did you ever release it?

This looks great!

Welcome to the Adalo forums. That’s a very simple and elegant design.

Looks elegant. Nice work. What did you use to make that background image?

Love the design! Did you release it?

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use two input fields(password and normal) with visibility conditioning and use an icon to change input of normal to passwords input

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Here is how

Can you share this with us, please? @olushola

Can you make it cloneable please ?

Been a while, I am so sorry for this late response, a lot happened, and unfortunately, I couldn’t access that again but to makeup

, I have made a simple sign-up flow for you to use, own, and reuse if you ever need it. i will continue to drop new designs periodically.
Grab it here

I made this design with everything available on a free trial account so there’s no limit.
You can also copy with workflows or data to create your auth system automatically.

However, this isn’t important but if you wish, you may tag me in your designs to see what you turned this into. Cheers, Happy Building.

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