Gradient overlay that won't go off


I’m encountering a very strange behavior on my app. I enabled the overlay on my horizontal card list with a solid color which opacity is set to 0, so that I don’t have any overlay on my cards BUT I still can add a title and subtitle on top of the picture.
Everything worked very well (as you can see in the preview below), until I published the app. A gradient overlay shows on all my horizontal card list and I don’t understand where it comes from. Is it a bug? How can we fix this?

OK (preview adalo) :white_check_mark:

Not OK (published app) :negative_squared_cross_mark:

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Hello, In order to solve this issue, you can send a support ticket through this link: Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you!

C’est beaucoup plus visible avec l’overlay, je ne te comprendspas.

It’s better with the overlay

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