Weird bug when publishing to Google Play

Hello, I just published my app for internal test in google play. And two weird things occurred, that never showed up in PWA.

  1. Almost all of my screens, looks very very desaturated, it’s not color distortion, it feels like there are white noisy overlay on top of each screen, but it’s obviously not. Some tab bar look more desaturated than other. I checked all the settings, the colors and everything is identical, so it surely a bug or something. Please someone help me.

  2. Second one might be my lack of knowledge, but I don’t understand why my tab bars sometimes extend themselves, and don’t stick to the bottom with constant height. I also checked them all, they are sticked to bottom properly.

None of this problem is visible in PWA or in browser, or anywhere else except native android.

Here is Screenshot where both problems seen(trust me the colors should be much more saturated)

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Can you provide more information and more screenshots? The screenshot does not look desaturated here.

The tab bar needs to connect to the very bottom edge of the screen or else it will extend.

As you can see in this pictures it is defenetly desaturated in comparison with pwa, on the same phone… and also, shadows and styling almost gone in the settings screen…

What about the inconsistent tab bar, trust me mate, I put it correctly, I think it have something to do with status bar(auto, hidden, white text, black text) but I tried different settings, and nothing helps.

Please someone from Adalo, or experienced can you help me, Im stuck and very frustrated with adalo at this point, I see the potential, I love it’s ease of use, magic text, design… but lack of customer support kills my moral

Have you submitted a support ticket for this?

Yes, no answer yet

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