App bar image has a haze over it

On iOS the app bar has a haze covering the background image. The previewer doesn’t have this. Is there a way to get rid of this without styling my own top bar? Is this a built in feature, because if so… it looks terrible.




Can you provide a link to your app so that I may take a look for you?

I messaged you, thank you

Which screen is this an image of? I do not see this “Welcome,” text with the icon above it as shown in this example.

I also get a haze over my horizontal list images on the native app only. For me it’s annoying and definitely doesn’t look as good as the PWA but not a deal breaker.

See PWA screenshot (crisp image, no haze):

Compared to native screenshot (published in App Store):

It’s the Home Screen, I have since changed the welcome part but the image and icon are still there.

That’s so weird, and mine has it on the pwa. Your app looks nice! I hope they get rid of the haziness, especially since it’s not the expected outcome based on the previewer.

That is a gorgeous-looking app! Kudos to the UI designer.

If you are using the horizontal list component have you ensured you have disabled the image overlay option?

Thanks, it’s available on the App Store here and Google Play Store here but would love to be able to fix a few of these native build niggles.

For reference, I’m using the horizontal card list here with the following Image Overlay settings:

Opacity being set to 0 in the Overlay Background Colour selector appears to work for the PWA but not in the native builds.

I see the image and icon but I don’t see the app bar component anywhere so I am unable to test that.

It’s definitely there though unless I’m doing something wrong…

Just wondering if there is any update on this?

It would be nice to know if I’m doing something wrong here. You say you can’t see the component but I can unless this isn’t what you meant? I’m pretty new to Adalo.

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If you’re not getting a reply on the forum you might be best of raising a ticket here - Submit a Support Ticket

I created an internal bug report on this. At the moment, this is sitting lower on our priority list and will be addressed when possible.

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