Gradient Shape component by Simon Siegert

Hi, I’ve purchased the gradient shape component by Simon Siegert but I’m having trouble getting the component to cover the screen horizontally from left to right.

It has text inside it, so I assume I cannot make it go over the screen as it will make the text disappear, but even when I get the red lines aligned, I get the gradient on 90% of the screen (see images).

Any ideas on what I can do to solve this?

thank :slight_smile:

Have not used it. couple ideas:

  1. contact Simon Siegert
  2. Youtube it
  3. Experiment with the full screen (just to see how it acts)
  4. If there is a numerical input, try it. instead of click/drag

If it doesn’t work at all, I would submit a ticket &/or suggest to Adalo, fix it or delete that component.

I haven’t used this component either but the first thing I would try is putting this gradient component inside a box and see if that works. Even though in theory it should work without the second box.

Then I would group the box, gradient and text.

I have it. It doesn’t resize at all. Gave up on it.

Workaround: create a gradient in photoshop and use the image component. It works better.

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Hi Mario, I emailed the developer of the component and he says he has fixed the issue and is awaiting Adalo to release it.

Right on @axme

I still prefer to use custom gradient images. Way more customization and control with no limitations or issues. Can do as many colors as I want in any rotation or style that I want.

Plus, the gradient rectangle component has a weird bounce issue thing if it appears with visibility settings.

Hey, I use Rectangle Pro by nocode Monkey… it works well for me. Gradient Rectangle Pro for Adalo | NoCode Monkey

This one is great because you can curve the corners independantly.


Thank you @iAppsNi!
I just installed it and it works great – it’s particularly handy for custom lists.
Do you know if the gradient can only work horizontally, or are there ways to change the angle?

Hey, from memory I think you can rotate the angle… I have purchased it just not on my machine. But I recall a slider to adjust angle. @Michael you might confirm :blush: