Magic color rectangle bug by Samuel Wolnerman


I was unable to open a ticket for this bug. I’m talking about it here, sorry.

This rectangle is not responsive, it poses problems depending on the screens where it is displayed.
Unable to contact the author directly Mr. Samuel
What a pity because this feature is great.
It would be interesting if adalo could develop internally the possibility of putting variables in the native colors.
Thanks again for all the developer’s work, Adalo is really amazing!



Any update or advice from others on this?
I’m experiencing the same issue on this component and cannot find a solution/workaround.

Yes this is a really great feature to have, however this rectangle does not respond the same way as a normal rectangle does in terms of its size so I’m not really able to use it.

I’m trying to create a schedule dashboard with a dynamic cell background color and when I add text to the group with this magic text rectangle, it changes the size of it and messes up alignment. It’s also not the same size when there is nothing in it. You’re also not able to specify the exact dimensions of the rectangle like you can like a normal one.

In the example below, the grey rectangles are normal while the blue ones are the magic text rectangle. As you can see they are not the same size, where they are exactly the same size in the editor. I’ve tried all kinds of things like putting it inside of another invisible rectangle but it doesn’t fix the problem.

We hope that this component will support responsive design.

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