Group actions under one condition


I have a button which performs multiple actions when clicked by the user. I want these actions to only run if a certain condition is met - in this case there are a greater or equal number of tickets for sale than the input quantity from the user.

I have tried to add the same condition to each action individually but it doesn’t behave correctly if I do that (not all actions complete).

Is there a way to group this actions and then have them all run only if one criteria is met?


Hi Ash, one way around this could be to have the button link to a blank screen (if the conditions are met) and then you can run all the actions on the loading of that screen.

When the actions have completed you could either link back to the original screen or redirect to wherever you want the user to go.

If you apply the ‘None’ transition to the link to the blank page this should be quite seamless.

Thanks @imjohnston - this looks like it will work!

I’ve had some success with your solution already but I have a problem. I’ve got it setup as below currently:

  • User clicks button which checks if the condition is met
  • If yes then user is taking to the next screen where the actions run, including a webhook on that page to Integromat
  • If no user is shown an error modal

The screen with the actions and webhook on has a link back to the previous page. However, I’m finding it’s only sometimes taking the user back… I’ve checked each of the actions when it has failed to linka user back and they’re all being completed. The webhook is also accepted (and even when the queue has been full it has sometimes still linked back). It just seems a little sporadic .

Any ideas?

Update - I’ve found that removing the webhook from the page ensures the user is taken back 100% of the time. It looks like an issue with having the actions and webhook on the same page - a potential bug?

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