Complex conditions

Is it possible to build such complex conditions for links in Adalo? Described below.

I have 3 screens with tasks. And if user made 3 tasks, he should go to feedback screen. If not - to home screen. Here I use just true/false logic for user’s params.
But also I need to send user to DIFFERENT home or feedback screen depending on his data. Is it possible to put 2-3 conditions to link action? Thanks!

You can put many actions in one button, and only one condition per action.

It’s currently not possible to set multiple conditions for one single action.

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Multiple conditions aren’t possible, but you could use multiple buttons with single conditions or clone a screen and send different buttons to different nearly identical screens. I believe I have a similar situation for my mindfulness app where if the user is signed in but unsubscribed they go to one Home Screen, if they are neither, they get another Home Screen, and if they are subscribed, they get all the features. Then I use a subscribed true/false and a free trial true/false to send them to where they go from a start screen.

Hi @e.makarevich09 ,
3 screens with tasks, so each screen has 1 task and the user needs to go to a final screen or what is the process flow here?

As @charleshope says you cannot add multiple conditions in one single action, but you could potentially create the check (Using counts or sums) for that one single action.

Easiest from the info you give me, each task completed should be registered (Example 1) our counted so, if there would be 3, the count registered would be 3 or the sum. But then again, need more details to think of a solution.

All tasks are in the same collection? Thanks.

So the situation is the following in more detail.
1)The user enters the app. He answers a question.
2)Because of this question I show him one of 3 ‘today’ screens
3)Then he goes though tasks and when some of them or all of them are done he need to be redirected to this today screen again
So I need to have the following conditions to the action:

  • are tasks are done or not
  • what answer was done to the question,cause it influences what type of today should we show

I assume these are then dropdown values, so pre-built answers?

In the top you say it is based on the 3 screen with task, with 3 tasks, but now you mention the answers.

So are there 3 screens, each with 1 task, or the screen contains more tasks? If latter, then another question:

Do the task screens always have same number of tasks, like 1,2,3, or one can have 4, the other 6 and so on?

1 screen=1 task, no more. It’s not the list/collection, it’s screen with elements

Any chance you can gran a screen recording (I recommend Loom)? It will clarify everything for us on how you have it set up.

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