Nested/stacked conditional actions not working as expected

Hello community,

I have an interim screen that has five conditional link actions, simulating if…then… else… The actions simply link to a different screen depending on which condition is met. Four of the conditions go to one screen and last action goes to a different screen.

What is happening is the native app is following the conditions of all actions, rather than the first one that is true. So for example if action 1 condition is if X=1 link to screen “Payments one time only” and action 5 condition is always go to screen “Payments” (note this can have a condition on it too, it makes no difference), if any of the first four conditions are met, the app will still ALWAYS go to the “Payments” screen.

The expected behavior is the first link where the condition is true will be followed and the other actions are not followed.

In the web preview it works fine, and it just goes to the “Payments one time only” screen when any of the first four conditions are met. But in the native app it will do that, then change screens to the “Payments” screen too.

I’ve contacted support, but they had to escalate to the development team. But thought I’d check in here to see if anyone had encountered this what looks like a bug too.


Have you heard anything back from the Adalo support team regarding this issue?

They said it was assigned to a dev, but didn’t give a timeframe

Thank you very much.

I would hope that the Adalo support team understands the issue correctly and is working to resolve it.

@RM08666 Support let me know this should be fixed now. I just tried it on a new build and it seems to work correctly again!

Thank you for letting me know.

It was fixed.

Thanks to the Adalo support team for their help.

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