Group messaging Template Questions

Hello! Notice two things I cannot understand in Group Messaging Template:

  1. there is an Action when the user visits the screen “Messaging”:
    the Action updates the user, specifically field “Active Channel” and puts there “1” only in case the “Channels” list is empty for that particular user. Why is this action there?.

  2. right above the “Input border” shape there is an channel mesages list, visible only when there are NO messages in the current channel. Hidden list, when visible, doesn’t show anything also. Part of the “Messages group” which also holds the messages list at the top of the screen which shows the messages. Can someone explain the utility of this invisible list please?

The empty list of question 2:

  1. The visibility of the rectangle in the channel menu
  2. Good spot! I think it has been left in by mistake, it has the same conditions as the ‘No messages’ text item. Without it everything functions as expected.

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