Weird nested Lists in Chat Feature Templates

Looking at the “User Chat” and “Group Messaging” Feature Templates I see nested lists being used in unexpected places. Can someone please explain the reasoning behind the choice?

1: in “User Chat” template: on the Chats screen, the Conversations list uses a nested list to display the name of the user instead of doing it directly with a Text box.
2: in “Group Messaging” template: on the Messaging screen, both the screen title and the Send button are lists of conversations instead of something more straightforward in both cases.

Are this setups better for functionality/speed ?
Is this something everybody knows and for some reason I have missed completely ?? :sweat_smile:

Thanks !

Hello. this is usually one of the methods to display the data in the conversation screen. Concerning the performance, it doesn’t affect it a lot because it’s only displaying one record

Thank you!

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@Ali-Bazzi Thank you!

I understand it doesn’t hurt to use lists.
So what is the upside ? It seems like a stretch compared to simpler methods… or …?

You’re welcome! Usually this is the simplest way to display the data correctly and to have all the components of the screen working perfectly.

Thank you!

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