Growth opportunities are now limited.This is true?

hello, I’ve been writing to adalo support for a few days now, but without success. I have a rapidly growing application ready for release, its basis is that the user stays there for as long as possible, with the adalo tariff, payment for activity! that’s horrible. now we are forced to limit our growth in order to get away from adalo. this is offensive to us. it is not included in our financial plan to pay more than $30,000 and this amount is based on user activity within the application. hello, remove the payment from activity per click. it is without humanity, and destroys our ideas.


Feeling your pain, seriously. But I think Adalo already rolled out the payments to new customers. And they are not communicating that they will change anything. Instead, they’re asking people to stop talking about the pricing. We should talk about ‘fun’ things on the forum. idk. I feel bad when I see these posts. And I see a lot of them.


it is cheaper to hire a developer to make the app for us than to use Adalo… imagine paying thousands in adalo for something that is slow, does not progress, there are no components and has many errors! and you can not have the code

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you’re right, I support this, but the launch is ahead and along with this, you will have to stop the growth from maximum to organic and write the application to developers. Can I somehow transfer the database to our development or layout in the process?

I think they know what they are doing, we just don’t agree with it, and this is their last way to take money from users. maybe they will open a new one under a new brand, making fools out of us and, based on the experience of adalo, they will do otherwise @Adalo_CXTeam

Hey @TonyS!

Sorry to hear you haven’t gotten a response! Can you PM us your Adalo email and ticket information so we can look into this.


Yes… email :

Ср, 3 авг. 2022 г. в 19:08, Adalo CX Team via Adalo <>:

I found it, thank you!

It looks like you emailed which isn’t a regularly monitored inbox. I will take a look and get back to you but in the future, the best way to contact us is by using this Support Ticket form.

One of us will get in touch as soon as possible.


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