Has anyone created a chatroom for all the users of the app?

Need help to realize the function where there will be 5 chatrooms for everyone in the app, so user can just go in and type a message in it, and see all the other users’ messages as well

Please help me to figure it out

Those chatrooms will be on different topics

My app is for parents, app has users/clients and users/experts, experts can publish content and sell it.

But I really need to work out the solution to have 5 chatrooms on a different topics for all of the users of the app.

So basically it’s a group chat of approximately 100-200 users

Hi @zcodebro ,

If the number of rooms are fixed, you can put directly in users collection, so there is no need for read status collection.

Messages collection will be given by type, so the relationship is only to users, no need for conversation collection, then it can become faster.

If number of rooms are dynamic, it will be just like group chat.

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