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Hey guys. I’ve gone through the Chat video by Adalo but my use case it’s different and I’m struggling to figure out the logic. So my app is a Customer Service app, and I want any user to be able to chat with only one person(for now) - the customer service guy.

So how do I build a chat system where, when any user enters the chat screen and sends a message, it goes to the customer service representative alone, and then they can reply?

It’s basically an “n to 1” chat system. Where n is the users and 1 is the services guy.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sharvan,

I assume the users are not logged in ? You could create a collection of “Chats”. A new chat is created whenever a user clicks on his/her chat box. User can then type the questions and submit “Messages” assigned to this chat.
You create another screen for this service guy, who should be logged in and probably have a special role/attribute in the user collection. On this screen the service perso can view all chats and go into them to answer them individually…
does this help?

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