Chat For Unique Person

Hello I’m new here at Adalo, and I’m very happy to have found an amazing tool like this. I’m seeing the tutorials and very happy to be part of this community.

I’m creating an app for an association and within that app I need to create a chat where all users talk to the membership president, however the chat will be one-to-one, and users won’t be able to see the conversation the other user had with the president.

In fact only the image of the President will appear on the user’s screen association with the private chat button with him. I’ve tried to look at the tutorial video you already have here on the adalo, but it’s different, and I’m having difficulties. Please and thank you.

This will be the screen that the member will see, and will have the option to talk to the membership president in a private conversation that only he will see.

So you have 1 President User, and a lot of ordinary users. Then you want that every ordinary user can have a private conversation with the president user?

If that’s the point, so the main idea to achieve this is :

You need to have 2 Collections. 1 is Conversations, 1 is Chats. You can think this Conversation’s collection works as a private room chat so each of the user can have its own private room chat with the president. And the Chats’s collection will store every message that happens between user and the president in each of the conversation (private room chat).

The next of technical aspects are :

  1. You need to have a relationship :
    a. Conversations with Users (many to many, because you need to store the president and the user together as a member in every conversation right?)
    b. Conversations with Chats (1 conversations can have multiple chats, and 1 chats only belong to 1 conversation. So this can make
    c. Chats with Users (you can make 2 relationship, 1 is Sending User and 1 is Receiving User. So it can distinguished who’s sending the chat and who’s receiving the chat in every chat that happens. Each of the relationship I think we can use : 1 Users can have multiple chats, but 1 chat only belong to 1 user)

Hope this can help you!


Hello I have similar chat feature that I need to do but has the following differences:

-The chat initatior is a random person who will scan a barcode to be taken to a website;
on the website he will find a button “knock knock” which when clicked then the other user (admin who is the same every time ) gets notified on his mobile app and gets options to choose from; meanwhile the Knocker has a random name and is waiting for response.

  • The admin’s options are 1,Who is this ? 2, Send your picture please ? 3, Wait for 10 minutes ? 4, Come in ? 5,Decline the knock ?

Firstly, I do understand some of the relations although I do appreciate you elaboration on them, please.
Secondly, I cant wrap my head around making the functions (especially using adalo actions) without user sign up log in ?
Thirdly, Sending notifications between the web version of the user and the mobile version of the admin hasnt worked for me ?

Any radical structure of the databse, relations, etc is welcomed.