Has Anyone made any simple game, crossword or whatever?

Looking for any possible game made under Adalo…
Anyone has made anything, even the simpliest game would do…


The platform isn’t ideal for gaming features. I have seen surveys which could be a trivia type game, or flash card (not randomized). Perhaps you could do a type of crossword, but it would involve a lot of conditional visibility which may not be ideal.

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Thanks @ashley, yes I’ve thought about the conditional side… Wi’ll think about it.
a Trivia type as well as a “connect four” seems quite doable using buttons or Icons…
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Any updates on the “games” ideas. Looking at possible games for the elderly. Trivia type should be straightforward. Maybe a “recognize the song” game. I like the Connect Four idea.

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Well, if you’re asking how to make a game in Adalo, then, I have the same question.

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I started making a Cluedo styled who dunnit using a social media platform as the background but tbh it got far too complicated, far too quickly. I’ve still not given up yet though.

I have the same question about “games”. Is there another way to develop games for mobile apps outside of Adalo? I’ve tried game makers that are designed for the web but they don’t work well for mobile apps.
Also looking for something simple like crosswords or wordfinder.

The Google Arts & Culture app uses a great crossword in their app. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Works really well on mobile devices. Cultural Crosswords — Google Arts & Culture

For build games you can use Build box.


Or this one for like simple ones.

Hope it helps!

Thank you

Thanks again, Dilon! I will take a look!

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Great and Your Welcome :+1: