Has Anyone made any simple game, crossword or whatever?

Looking for any possible game made under Adalo…
Anyone has made anything, even the simpliest game would do…

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The platform isn’t ideal for gaming features. I have seen surveys which could be a trivia type game, or flash card (not randomized). Perhaps you could do a type of crossword, but it would involve a lot of conditional visibility which may not be ideal.

Thanks @ashley, yes I’ve thought about the conditional side… Wi’ll think about it.
a Trivia type as well as a “connect four” seems quite doable using buttons or Icons…
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Any updates on the “games” ideas. Looking at possible games for the elderly. Trivia type should be straightforward. Maybe a “recognize the song” game. I like the Connect Four idea.

Well, if you’re asking how to make a game in Adalo, then, I have the same question.