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I’m a very new to Adalo but there is an app I want to make for two years now. The power of Adalo and its simplicity gives me hope to finally be able to release it soon.
Please tell if this looks possible in your opinion with Adalo. Any hint on what component/relations is appreciated. I’ll keep you updated on my progress here as I saw several people already asked for this type of app.

  • The home screen would be a list with the categories (ex: maths, English, history) : done with four simple lists, each being a collection.

  • When clicked, the quizz would appear: a set of 10 questions with 4 answers : done thanks to the text magic and the properties questions, answer “A”, “B”, “C”, “D”, for each categories
    Would it be possible to import a google sheet with let’s say 5.000 questions and the answers (upgrading to pro, of course)? (in progress)

-How would it work in practice? I mean, if "answer A " (column C) corresponds to “good answer” (column B) then add 1 point to user X if not, do nothing ? ;

  • Would it be possible to add a timer, for example 10 secondes to answer? ;

  • Would it be possible to add to this the Adalo quiz template (yes or no type with the swipe left/right mechanism) for some categories? ;

  • Eventually and most importantly, would it be possible, when signing-up to ask for the school of the user and have a ranking both of all the users and between schools. Would the ranking be a list?
    The logic would be to have the user and his score, add one point to the user when he answers correctly, then take the school and add all the points the users of that school have.

-Also I would like the questions to worth only one point, count one time, otherwise the user could hack his rankings. Any hint on how to proceed ?

I can imagine it seems a lot but any help would be appreciated,

Thank you for your time

Hello guys, just keeping you updated as told above. I looked into Adalo to familiarize myself with the tool and managed to generate the questions and display them to the screen.

I am still stuck on the core features though.

How would it work in practice? I mean, if "answer A " (column C) corresponds to “good answer” (column B) then add 1 point to user X if not, do nothing ? ;

And this is related to the ranking, which I made a simple list, added a property to “Users” named “Score” and sorted the user by score High-Low. But how can I make it +1 when correct ?

Any hint would be appreciated

Still struggling but I am starting to get the logic. I managed to make the relation for the correct answer and update the user’s score.

I am actually having a displaying but for the lists. A UI problem for sure, does anyone know how to fix this? Please see below my storyboard and my preview.

Hi @Sual,

Reg. UI - you may try to group the items (text & rectangle) together.

Hi @Victor

Writing the problem I figured out a way to do it by creating a new collection “Subject” with all of the subject and then with some text magic the list was made. It now looks like that:

However, this list corresponds to the “Subject” collection. I would like to add an action so that when the user clicks on a subject, a quiz on this subject is displayed.

However, I can’t pass the data from each subject collection to another screen. How to put each collection relating to each subject in this list (subject) to be able to use the data from each subject’s collection?

By the way would you have any idea on how to make the quizz go on? I mean when the user clicks the button to answer, then go to the next question and stop when 10 questions are answered for example ?

@Sual wrote you a DM

Hi @Sual,

Here are some resources/tutorials which you might find useful for creating a Quiz app:

Hope this helps!

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