Hello Community!

Hello everyone, I’m Mauro from Italy (sorry for my bad english :grinning:5)

It’s 2 days I’m trying using Adalo and I love it! My goal is to create an App for my community school where they can interact each other. Something similar to Facebook but with some custom feature and custom branded.

My only doubt is if I would be able to publish the App my self or if I will be stuck in some processes.

I’ve already watch (not yet all the videos) the Adalo courses about publishing but before to make a purchase I’d like to be sure to complete the project.

So this post just to say hello to the community and waiting for some general considerations about what I wrote.

Thank ypu in advance! :blush:

Hi @mauroaluffi


I think the hardest part of publishing your app will be the App review process, especially with data and privacy policy because you are targeting minors. This will be handled in your Apple and Google developer account.

Publishing from Adalo is fairly straightforward. Just follow the documentation line by line.

*Because of children using the app, be extremely cautious about the data security you build into your app


Bo, I wasn’t clear enough. The App will be for photographers that join the school. We teach to adults not children. :blush: )

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