📣 Community Update - April 2022

Hey y’all :wave:

This is our April Community Update. Find last months update here. My plan is to update you on what’s going on at Adalo each month. You can expect to learn what we’ve shipped, what we’ve fixed, who we’ve hired, and much more. Last month was a little quiet because we’ve got TONS of amazing things coming your way in May.

:world_map: Location Officially Launches This Month!

The team has done a phenomenal job with this one. Location has officially launched its beta version to Experts. If you are an Expert and do not have access, please send me a DM. There are a lot of things in store for location. It’s not just one new feature, but a whole suite of new location features across all of Adalo.

:mortar_board: Adalo App Academy Launches This Month!

The Adalo App Academy is almost done! If we want to usher in a new era of software development (aka no-code :wink:) where anyone can build the digital tools they need to solve problems in their communities and companies, then the world needs to be educated on how software and apps work. That is why we are building the App Academy. We have courses from some of our own community members and Experts, leading thought leaders in the no-code space like Ben Tossell of Makerpad and Prakash from Xano, and my personal favorite is a course from Nir Eyal, the author of Hooked. This Academy is going to help so many makers, and it’s only the beginning.

:construction: Design Versions Launches This Month!

Have you ever wanted to try out different design styles for your app to see which looked the best, but were afraid to lose hours of work if you didn’t like it? That won’t be a problem any longer! This month we are launching design versions. You will be able to save different versions of your app and revert back to them with the click of a button.

:trophy: Q2 Contest Time!

This contest is sponsored by Abracadalo, an API toolkit to make your Adalo apps more powerful. The prize is a free year of their Master Wizard plan and three free months of Adalo Pro. The goal is to create the most useful feature with Abracadalo’s API builder. There’s so much potential with their amazing tool and we can’t wait to see what you build with it. For more information on how to submit, visit our forum post.

:zap: Quick Highlights

Here are a couple quick highlights from our changelog. Previously on a simple list, only the right section could have a click action associated with it. Now you are able to add click actions to the left section as well! We also made it easier to sell premium components. Now you can sign up to get paid without having to contact the support team. Once you’re signed up, you can check recent sales, change your bank information, and more by following the link to your dashboard in the “My Libraries” tab of the Developers modal.

:lady_beetle: Bug Fixes:

:alarm_clock: Support Tickets

100% of tickets were responded to. Our average ticket first response time during business hours in April was 2.45 hours. Our average customer satisfaction score is 5.4/7.

Thanks for reading! What are you going to build with the new location features? Leave me a comment below :point_down:

:clinking_glasses: Cheers,

Jesse Haywood


Keep it up, guys! :rocket:


Wow… what a month ahead!!! Great work Adalo… Versioning is the one i’m looking forward to !!!


You clearly mention versioning for the design.

When will we have versioning for no matter what changes we make to the app?

I’m not sure about that one. I don’t think there is a “when” just yet. I know there are complexities with reverting past actions, database structure, etc. that add layers of complexity to versioning. They decided that the best first step is design. Then it will improve from there.



Sounds great, no doubt location will be hotly anticipated by Adalo users.

I already mentioned in another post, this bug isn’t fixed IMO.
* [Copying Lists Caused Filters To Be Connected ]

Pardon my moaning, great that we are being replied to and yes that is appreciated 100% got a response but what % are resolved?

Can you fill out a support ticket for that?

I don’t think that is trackable information. Many times a ticket is responded to requesting follow up information and the maker doesn’t respond. Also, the solution may be given, and the maker doesn’t respond saying that it was solved.


Resolution depends both on Adalo and the user. Many times tickets are left “unresolved” because the user never replies or confirms that the issue is resolved.

So giving that “percentage of resolution” doesn’t really provide a real picture of what’s happening.

April Update on May 6. haha


Lol yeah… I got nothing to say haha. I should have just labeled it May Update, but I didn’t want to change the flow. The last one I posted at the end of the month but time got away from me with this one.


Thank you Adalo team. :heart:

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Adalo have been an amazing experience. However, when a component will be available to choose more than one photo? I have created an app which is part of my business. The name of the app is KitKart a new marketplace community. Thanks for a YouTube video from a Adalo user I was able to accomplish the part for uploading more photos. Moreover, a component that does that will be great!

Thanks for the update Jesse. Please keep them coming each month. I want to see Adalo do well because I think they have a good idea here and I would like to transfer my development over to Adalo for my small clients.

Thanks Adalo Team