Thanks Adalo and Community!

People often only come to the community with problems, so did I, but I also want to take a moment to appreciate what Adalo has opened for me, building cool apps!

As someone who started coding at the age of 14 I was pretty good with it, but one thing kept me back of building great products for real customers and that was having to code alone. The projects I wanted to build were simply to big for me to code on my own, not even to mention code safety etc.

The things that back then took me months to build take now only days or even hours! Now with Adalo I can build awesome products that are usable for the public!:tada:

So hereby a thank you to the community for helping me out and thanks for the Adalo team for making it happen.

Also, to give back to the community a bit I hereby want to offer my help to you guys for free. Some questions are best to ask in a community, but I can help with the more case specific questions, like with building the database, UX or just other things you are stuck on. Just DM:)

Happy creating everyone!


Agree - thanks Adalo - you are the future! :muscle::tada::pray:


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