Hello Friends, beginner design questions. My App is basically a game/activity app. I do not need any data. Can you answer?

Can I start with just a home screen?

If it is a game, do I need a sign up?
I certainly don’t need a log in?

Even if I charge $.99 in the stores, do I need to have sign up or log in?

Sorry for the beginner questions


Hey @NoCodeCadet

You certainly don’t need a login if it’s not required and Apple recommends not to have a login if not required.

But if you are charging customers, you might need to know who you’re charging which requires a login.

Thanks bhanu.
May I ask a follow up question. Would that information be with the app stores ( google and apple)?

My progress.
I am brand new to web development. I started with small html, MIT scratch, moved to app inventor, investigated kodular and thunkable.

Now I have made an MVP on Adalo, want to submit to the markets. Perhaps in two weeks. I have follow up activiy apps that I will monetize in various ways, including for sale, but also some with adds.

Are you an expert who takes people across the line like that?

Or recommend someone from the expert community who would like to guide me through these next steps? I have been watching lots of Youtube videos and feel I am ready to work with experts.

@NoCodeCadet sure, Apple and Google stores have a facility to download the app only after paying for it to which you don’t need a login, but usual recommendation is to let users experience the app and it’s benefits before they decide to pay for it, where you’ll need a login and in-app purchase component.

Coming to your question about experts, this Community is your best place to find answers to almost everything, but if you prefer to work with recognised experts who does the job for you, checkout Adalo website, it has listed experts for you to choose from and work with.

If you stick around in the community and build, you’ll get all the information you need.

Good luck!