Hello ios has rejected me again, can you help me please?

I am using in-app purchases in adalo and for this I have completed all the stages and sent it to google play and ios department. First of all, I would like to show you the settings.

and google play accepted all my products and published my app, but ios refused my app for the 3rd time, explaining that the buy button in the app does not work and one more option.

Although I made the same settings, unfortunately when they click the buy button in the application, they say that they go to the white page, but the buy button is not connected to any white page. and I didn’t understand the other option they wanted.

Thank You
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Just follow the next steps it gives you.

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thank you so much. so how can i do this please can you help me i have been really sad for 3 days if you can help me i will be really happy @firozkhanuk1214 can you tell me how to do next steps ? please help me

Follow where it says “Next Steps”

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