Help Blocking Users

I see a lot of posts here describing how to do this with a list and what you need in your collection. What i don’t see it where and actually to do this. Where do you create the list? I have a user profile page where I think I would like to user to block from or I have an explore page where one can see a list of users. Any suggestions would be appreciated

Hi @shonesto,

You can do that with two many to many relationships in the Users collection! : Help to get to delete an email in a text property - #4 by dilon_perera

To show the users to block it would be a list and all users. To show the users that logged in user ( I ) blocked it also same a list with all users but filtered. You can check the above thread’s video!

Thank you

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Thanks but i am only able to follow the video so far. You move very fast thought it, i even tried just pausing it trying to following but without narration it is hard to tell what you are doing. I have created the propertied in the users db, Am i suppose to create a page for a list of logged in uses blocked? I am lost

Hi @shonesto,

I’m sorry for that! I have created a updated video! Check it from here : Block Users - Updated on Vimeo

Thank you

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wow, thanks for doing that. Well done my friend. I know this is basic but for some reason i am not seeing current user when trying to select titel for the settings page list. I linked user profile but it still doesn’t show up.

Update: I had the wrong page linked to the settings page. I can now see the current user in my drop down.

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I loving the new updated video tutorial. I see you use home for setting. I have a page called explorer which list current users and posts. I believe you worked on this page with me at one point. Should I or could I be using this list and if so do I just add new filter to it to reflect what you have in video?

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Yes you can use this list. You mean in this list show the users that not blocked?

so that would just be an additional filter this list correct?

I’m not sure if I got you. You need to show which users in this list?

okay so it is a simple list of users, all users. There is not filer currently. I am asking if just add the filter there?

If you like you can. But I think you don’t want that because you want to display all users here right?

In my video I added that filter to my posts list and not for the users list. If you want that you can do the same!

In your video you have a home and settings page. I don’t see a post page. although you do talk about posts in the second half of the video. I do have a posts list on my explorer page. So I am confused. I do have a home page already which is also just posts Should i do it just the way you have it give your home page a different name? Sorry if I seem lost.

Good morning, I think I have it setup the way you do but it just won’t remove the user. I put a link on “my profile” page to get to where user can be blocked click on icon to block and switches to unblock so vis is working but not action to block. I have watched you setup several times but cannot seem to get it to work. the test user to remove is
Update, it seems to be working now

Steve, I’m sorry for this delayed reply! So all working great or do you still need some help on this?

I am still having an issue with the post list. I can’t seem to get it show up.

Check the app again and check this video too! : Road Sam - Filter Posts for Un-blocked users.mp4 on Vimeo

So if the user is blocked does that stop the current post from that person from showing up for the logged in user or do those just need to be done by user deleting it?

If you have added a filter for that then Yes!

You mean delete the post? You don’t need to delete posts.

It is working great now. The video was very helpful in getting me to understand the flow as it pertains to my app. So now if I login as rhonesto and block gbritton then login as gbritton will I still be able to see rhonesto’s profile?

You will see becasue you didn’t add a filter for that. Did you add? In the above video it’s for posts. If you need something like this you can add the filter for the users list too!