Help data flow wont pass


I have a custom action that create a shipment to UPS ( which is working I see it on UPS dashboard) however when i try to get the data results and update my collection on adalo with it, it wont work at all.

Does anyone can help me find why ?


Hi @saralo,

You mean that you couldn’t populate the custom action returned values in the update or create actions or you can populate and you have populated them but when performing them in the app they don’t work?

Thank you

I can’t do it. When i creates a shipment request the result comes with a treckingnber which I try to update in my collection « vente ». Then this tracking number is used to create a shipment label that is sent to the customer.

But since the data result won’t save in adalo db nothing works

Is it possible to share a video of this behavior?

Sure here is it

Here you can see the collection wont update at all

Here is the data i would like to update in my DB

Hey @saralo,

Just in case: after your Custom Action, did you add another action to update current Vente/Achat?
If yes, do you see the results of the of the custom actions (see an example here Custom Actions - Adalo Resources, select “In Depth”, paragraph 19)?


@saralo, could you show a screenshot(s) of your action(s) and a screenshot(s) of that action(s) in detail?

Yes sure as you can see i did it and it usually work on my other apps but wont here

Yes here it is