Help displaying list data from multiple M:M databases (infinite loop)

I have list, essentially a checkbox to do list, that I’d like to display data from multiple sources. I’m running to a problem where I can’t access the data in Adalo and it seems to create an infinite loop through the relationships.

Each logged in user/student, sees the homework for their math class. The list contains all homework assigned to that class (see picture below).

When a user toggles the checkbox, it should update the data collection “User Homework Results” to show that they’ve completed the task. The toggle should display the results of that field or be empty if the user has not yet completed it. See image below

My problem is that I cannot see the “User Homework” collection and it creates an infinity loop. See below:

I’m using a list of “Homework” filtered by class. This works fine.

The toggle doesn’t give an option to toggle the User Homework → User Homework Status field. Toggling the “Current Class” as shown here, removes the relationships between the Class and the Homework (essentially removing it from the list).

Here is a view of the User Homework database. I can’t get this to show up as an option for the toggle. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

If helpful, here is a link to the database design


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