Database Config ?s for classroom homework app

Hello! I’m new to Adalo. I have some database design experience, but it was years ago and I am struggling with configuration for a student class & homework app. Currently, I have 5 database collections (ERD below):

  • User - students at the school
  • Classes - all classes available at the school. A student will not be in every class
  • Homework - homework assignments for each class
  • User Class Results - this tracks the user’s enrolled classes & their status/grade in the class
  • User Homework Results - tracks completion of each task for the user

I have designed the database with the following connections

  • User - Classes (M:M) - student can be in many classes. A class can have many students
  • User - Homework (M:M) - students can have many homework asmts. A homework assignment can be given to many students
  • Class - Homework (M:M) - each class has many homework asmts. Each homework could be used in many classes (e.g., 2 first grade classes assign the same homework). I could design this 1:M, but prefer this model
  • User - User Class Results (1:M) - a user would have many classes with different results, but those results would only be for 1 student
  • Class - User Class Results (1:M) - a class would have many users with different results, but those results would only be for 1 class
  • User - Homework Results (1:M) - a user would have many homework results, but each of those would only have 1 user
  • Homework - User Homework Results (1:M) - a homework assignment would have many results for different users, but each homework result would only tie to one homework assignment


  1. Does this look correct or reasonable? Could it be more efficient?
  2. Is this something Adalo can support? Specifically, it does not seem to handle M:M relationships well in the scenario below:

On the class page, each student should see a list of their Homework (ie. requirements). It should have a toggle to show if THAT student has completed those homework assignments

I can get the homework displayed here:

But the toggle does not get down to data from the User Homework Results to show if they have completed that assignment or not.

I have considered assigning all the “Homework” when the user joins the class and then using that table, but I don’t think it’d automatically update if new homework was added to that class. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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