Help : Fields lost in the ...Matrix ? 😎

Can someone answer this :

What happens to my fields when I move them from their Screen to the Desktop White background…
I can see that they visualy “disapear”…(indeed i cant see them anymore :see_no_evil:)

So, are they permanently destroyed (= garbage) ?

  • Can one “grab them” from somewhere or replace them where they where or what else can be done…?

Thanks…lost in the Matrix… :ghost: Uahahahaha

Yes, if you move components off the screen they are no longer visible or accessible. You can always command(mac)/control(pc) and Z to get it back as an undo. Of course this will also undo any changes between moving it off screen and attempting to get it back.

Thanks Ashley, I though there was no undo command available in Adalo !
:v: :ok_hand:

Hi. It seems like I moved several components by mistake from several views, and adalo got an error and I could not control + Z the changes. I lost all the changes made on those views, like 10 hour work or something like that.

Is there any other way to recover or undo those changes?