Help Filter settings

So I’m new to Adalo and I’m watching videos and learning, thanks to anyone putting videos out!
But I’ve run into a problem that my brain can’t comprehend at the moment. Id like some help or feedback on what I can do.

So the problem is :
I’m trying to find a way I can filter users based on the response to either a toggle/multi-select dropdown (on the marketplace)

Example: Say the user logs in and selects their favorite colors are red and green. I would like to have a list of users that admins can filter and only see users who answered with green or yellow or red and so on. So if they fall in the category of green the user will show up. if the admin is looking for people who answered red even if they answered all 4 choices of colors they will show up because they merely chose red.

Is this too complicated?? from the videos I’ve seen it seems doable but I’m missing something.

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