Help! How to make current user from logged?

Hello everybody! People, help! I’m trying to make a subscription like in Instagram. In the actions it is necessary to update the current user. But I only have a logged user, the current one does not work in any way! Please describe step by step the algorithm of how to make the registered one current. Or is it not important - logged or current? Yes, I’m sorry for mistakes - I don’t speak English well enough. But THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your answer!

Hi Gast and welcome to the community!

logged user is the user logged into the app and using it; current user is the user that the current screen is about. So let’s say that I am the logged in user, when I click your username on the homepage, I will see your profile then you are the current user.

You can update logged user at any pint in the app, but you can only update the current user on a screen that has the “current user” as linked data.


Hanan! Thank you VERY MUCH! Have a nice day (and everyone too)

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Anytime! Glad it helped :slight_smile:

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