What is the different between Current user and Logged in user

Hi i have this question because I try to make a chat and my DB is in this way:

  • Users
    • My conversations
  • Conversaciones
    • Conversation members

When a Conversatio is created I add the first member (logged in user) and after in other screen I update this conversation for add the second member (product owner = User publish the product).

I have a multiconection link between both collections but when I try to add the second member I choose Product Owner → User, but this action not add the second member to the relationship.

Here is an example that might help you understand the difference between logged in user and current user.

Say you have a “my profile” button. This butt will link to the logged in users information. If you were logged in, you would want to see your profile.

Now here is an example of current user. You have a list of all users, if you click on a specific user, you don’t want to see your profile/logged In user, you want to see the users profile you just clicked on. This would be known as “current user.”

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