Logged In User vs Current User screens

I’m attending to build out a social platform where users can have their own platform, build out teams, ect.

My question is around profile pages as you need to link data. As most platforms there is a search feature to search for users. When clicking on the user it directs them to the profile page. This works great, no problems with this. But what about the profile page of the user logged in? Do I have to create a separate screen just for the logged in user?

If I was to be able to have a profile page for information of the user that is logged in, I have to choose Logged In User > Teams > Name

If I want to get the team name coming from a list search, I have to do Current Team > Name

This forces me to have 2 screens for the same thing. Is this how it is suppose to be?

Yes, this is how it is supposed to be as you are loading different dynamic data. One is for the logged in user (Global) and one is for a “Current User” which is specific.

@Colin is it possible to do a custom action, if the current user is equal to the logged in user, go to the logged in user page?

I’d like to show buttons for editing a profile for the logged in user similar to like what Facebook does. If it’s your profile you can make changes and see the buttons, if it’s not your profile, you just see the base page

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