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Hey everyone, I’m having what I believe is a common problem (or rather the users mistake) on here. I’m building a marketplace app and my welcome screen is the same as the home screen but one is for non logged in and the other for logged in users. I also made a copy of explore page, profile page, listing details for non logged in users. Still I cant figure out where i have linked everything wrong or where im missing some data.

Here are some screenshots:

Heres a link to the app:

I would suggest watching this video:

Thanks to @pfordmedia for all his great videos!

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Adalo tells you where you have missing links in the ‘linked data’ field as seen on all of your screenshots.


Normally that means you once had a source of data on those pages which is no longer there.

I watched the video but still cant figure it out.

Yes I understand that but everything seems to be linked fine.

I think this is one of those occasions where you would need to grant somebody access to look at your app for you

my 50 cent in user experience
if you saw to this screenshot:

I think the better will do the circle with some background ant put the arrow in this circle for better user experience
for example:

If the component you are linking from is not a list that is filtered down to the correct “Current {data}” then that data will be missing from the screen that is being linked to.

The only way to make that data flow to that screen is to make it a list of that data and filter it down if needed.

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