Help : my App got hacked

Hello ,

My app got hacked. I lost all my screen and subscription plan. The is also the name “siva’s team” now on it.

Please help me

Wow, this situation is possible?

Yeah, I have experienced the same thing no later than yesterday.

I have 2 accounts, one paid, one free. I had 2 templates in the free plan I tried to retrieve in my paid account. So… I added my paid account’s email address as part of the “team” of the free account. But unfortunately, I was unable to see these 2 apps from my paid account. So, I decided to remove the team membership but I made a mistake, from the paid account, I remove the free account from ITS own team! Result : when signing in as the free account, no more apps! These 2 apps have been lost, definitively… And adalo sent me to the “create your first app” screen, as usual with a fresh new account.

So guys, my advise: don’t touch the “team”, don’t create any team, don’t add any team member. I guess this feature is still not in production, or not ready to be in production.

@Ben : any suggestion regarding “team”? And is there any way to recover lost apps?

When someone is invited to be part of the team, he can remove the owner of the team, and consequence : the team’s owner looses all his apps in his account . :dizzy_face:

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When you add someone to your team, they have the ability to create new app in your team, but they won’t have access to any of the existing apps on that team until you add them to those apps specifically. It’s similar in concept to google docs. When you create a new doc, you need to individually add other people to the doc in order from them to have access to it, even if they are part of your organization.

@ChristopheHK Agreed, that we should improve this so that a team owner can’t accidentally be removed from their own team.

@batouuu @ChristopheHK if you all want to DM me your account info, we can get your access restored properly.

Thanks @Ben. My 2 apps have been restored, so no need but thanks a lot for the proposal!

Just experienced the same scenario, my app got hacked too.

I sent you my accounts details via an email :slight_smile:

All of these issues have now been addressed.