HELP! My app's screen names are not visible!

My app’s screen names are not visible! Please help me solve this issue. And I’ve cleared the cache of my browser but no use. Please help me with this! Thank you!

Can you take a screenshot from the left navigation bar (screens) and share here?

You wanna know the screen names or something else?

Looks like you have multiple requests raised on the same topic, request you to follow up on the same request to keep the forum clean.

In order to understand your issue better, it’ll be better if you can share the editor screenshot with the list of screens visible from the left navigation bar. I am assuming you have screens without names in that list.

The 3rd icon on the left when click will show list of all screens.


I’m really very sorry @bhanu!

I’ve already named all the screens!

I guess you need to raise a support ticket and check with Adalo staff, below is the link:

Ok @bhanu thanks for the help!

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