Help on how to create a dynamic custom list of Vacancies in Adalo?

Hi everyone!!
I am new to Adalo, I am actually developing an a company both web and mobile where employees will be able to view company related articles and posts. However I would like to have a dynamic list (preferably custom list) of Vacancies within the Vacancy screen and within that list a user should be able to add and delete a vacancy. In addition a user should be taken to a Vacancy description screen after clicking on a specific vacancy within the list. Within the Vacancy description screen there should be a button that if it get clicked, a user will be taken to a Web view screen where they can view a PDF file uploaded within that specific vacancy that got clicked
Basically all I need is to be able to view a PDF file uploaded within a specific vacancy
I thank you in advance champs

Hi @Jintery,

Check this out! : Vacancy PDF's.mp4 on Vimeo

Thank you


Hi Dilon thank you so much for your support I managed to solve the problem I had. Thanks a million :clap:

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