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I have been building a job board for my employees. This is my third topic on the matter.

I have completed UI and visual aspects of the project, but there still is much to do.

As I have stated before, this app works as a link for my clients and employees. Clients can add their open positions through web app and employees can then see these positions via their mobile phones.

Here are some questions that maybe you could help me with:

  1. Client collections

Can I make one collection for all my clients, or should I make different collections for different clients? Last option would be better, as I aim for clients to add their own positions.

I think it would be the best option for clients to log-in with their email: location and company name should be fixated, and not changeable without admin. client can then choose the unit that lacks workforce through dropdown menu.

  1. How does this information transfer to the mobile app?

After the client has prepared a shift/position and wishes to post it to the mobile app, how does this happen? I have been wondering if this can be done by magic text, but I haven’t yet solved this.

What should the employee see in the UI: Company, unit, time and date, location, details. Company, unit and time should be visible at the “homescreen” which means a list of all added jobs. Then employee can click more info and to be moved to new screen, called details. In this screen employee can see details and location. Also this in this screen employee can accept the job if wished.

  1. How the accepted job disappears from the job list and goes to upcoming jobs list?

Employee accepts a certain job, but how I how delete this job from the list? Also it should be noted that this job just does not disappear competely but is moved to a ‘upcoming jobs’ page. Employee can inspect upcoming jobs at wish.

  1. Upcoming jobs turns into a past jobs

After the job is done, it should be moved to a archive. This archive works as a memory of past jobs that employee can inspect. This feature should also be available to the client app.

  1. How to inform client that the job has been accepted by a employee?

This should be done by email notification or sms. Does Adalo provide such features or is it limited only to a push notification?

There we go! A bit too complicated, maybe? But this information could help other users also.

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