Help on list with conditonal display of images/shapes

Hi everyone
I’m looking to build something like this: whereas on the right to each circle there is some text and an action button that sets a true/false prop.

To solve this, I thought of building a list where based on the action (tap) on a list item one of two possible images is displayed on the left of that list item (full/empty). I think the same would be to display some shape group that changes its color hex based on the user action.

I have tried

  • multiple lists and a common collection (can’t seem to connect the properties on the two lists)
  • the progress bar component from marketplace (kinda works, but its length is not dynamic)
  • the magic rectangle component and visibility (tried and failed to do a custom list + boxes that change colors).

Maybe one of these work and I need to try harder, maybe the solution is something else altogether… Would the Adalo beehive mind tip me on how it’s best to approach this?

Thanks a lot!


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