Trying to connect with someone about mentoring

Hey guys! I am new to app development but came across Adalo and am absolutely loving it! I have an app that I had developed by someone else about a year ago and am ready for an update. When I stumbled across Adalo online, I figured this would be a great opportunity for me to update the app and learn a new skill (much like when I needed a website). I’m hoping to connect with someone on here to be able to ask questions and learn from–somewhat like a mentorship if you will. The biggest block I’m running into is that the complexity of my build is a bit of a reach for someone who jumped on the platform yesterday lol. I have a few screens built and functions installed but at some point, all of the data entered by the users is going to be shared by other functions of the app and I’m eager to learn how that works!

FYI: The application in its simplest sense is a guided calculator app currently with four main sections. On one page they enter products they mix and the rate they use them. On another page, they enter tanks and rates for the total mix. There are two main calculators. One that uses product rates and remaining work to calculate how much product they need and how much that will cost. The next calculator is actually a custom calculator that will be configured by the user and saved amongst other calculators. This will draw data from the products they’ve entered as well as the tanks they’ve saved to determine how much mix they need to make.

Part of this has already been developed and if I can get someone interested in helping me out, I can send you to the existing application. I am recreating the old app and adding new features to it.

Thank you so much and I look forward to working with one of you!

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