The Issue With Adalo's Data

I have been working with Adalo for over a year now. It makes app creation easy, but it has one MASSIVE issue. Data is not available everywhere. This leads to limiting access to screens, inability to have multi-page forms, faulty links ruining pages, and much more.

All I would like to know is why hasn’t Adalo taken steps to address the issue of Data? Why is it not available on every screen at all times?


This is definitely an issue I’ve run into a lot, and it’s one of my concerns with using Adalo moving forward.

I’m very excited about some of the things Adalo is doing/fixing, but this is a core issue that I’ve run into regularly.

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I get the concern, my workaround would be to duplicate screens as many as needed that clear out the warning in available data.

The feature of automatic parameter passing is what causing the receiving screen to get confused if different sending screens have different parameters, so to entertain it, I made duplication of receiving screen.

I’ve made use of the workaround, but the issue is that we have to use a workaround. Ideally, things should work efficiently and simply with a tool like Adalo - I think that’s a core value of theirs - and having to duplicate screens repeatedly instead of sharing data is the opposite of that.

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Growing pains I guess, a lot of core features are not addressed, I think the team was busy releasing the new Adalo 2.0, but you are right, these things should be fixed, as in when you create a screen, you should be able to go get whatever data you want, it will be a superpower.

Add to the list, custom list comments still not working, which is pausing me from presenting this to a potential client ( I m still waiting ), and the ability to create customs forms, and have the submit button dependant on all input or some if you want, allows for better visual customization then being stuck with regular forms. @Adalo_CXTeam please put 1 person resource on these issues lol.