Help Price drop button

How can I create a button that would reduce a price .50 cent each time it’s clicked until price show $0? Can this be done in adalo?

Hello !
On of the biggest problem to create simple logic in adalo is the fact that you can’t appli formula to input modification.

If you want to have a field with formula edit you MUST use your database.

For example : You can create a filed called “price” inside your user table, after that, you will create an “update” event on your button to edit this price.
The formula of editing will be very simple : magic word “price” - 0.50

And every time you clic on the button you will lower the field “price” by 0.50. But you MUST use a database filed and this is VERY VERY boring.

Thank you so much I will try to apply that to my project.

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