Help sorting out relationships in cart after order item is created

Hello there! New(ish) to Adalo!

I am currently creating a multi-store delivery app. I am trying to configure my cart to show order items under the following headings of that order item:
Service type > Store Name > All the products ordered from that store > product options (or Menu Options).

Here is my Cart & Order Items Database (please note you get to this page from (2) Checkout button on the products page. This is an illustration of what I would like to achieve:

Here is my app:

Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Hi @KayKay,

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Is it possible to make the app as Clonable and we can clone that app and see the database and the setup and help you! You have shared the Url of your app but it’s not clonable. Or maybe a showing the database and the current setup from a video?

Thank you

Hi @KayKay,

I’m sorry for the late reply! I just checked and it’s not clonable. Does your problem solved?

Thank you

Hi @KayKay ,

To get sorting option, there should be a field inside the collection to be refer to, so create additional fields as many as necessary from other collections to get you more sorting fields.

In few cases, you might want to add index field as additional to relationship field to get more option for sorting.

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