Help ! update stock of my shop

Hello, I need help, I am putting together an app for the clothing store, I am doing well, I just need to solve a problem.

When I load an item I load it to stock +1, in the shopping cart I made an update dell item -1 … until there everything goes well, the problem is that when you see the shopping cart and want to delete the item, I don’t know how update the current item to stock +1, that is, that item returns to stock … I leave you photos, i have a video but i dont know how put in here ( i made in zoom).

step 1 to 3 works ok … the problem is in step 4 and 5


Hi @Santiago ,
Correct me if I am wrong, from what I see:

Screen 2
Itens = your products in inventory and stock
itens de pedido = you create a shopping basket and update the itens with “stock-1”

When you are in the checkout your list has only the itens de pedido, but can you try to go to:

Update → current itens de pedido → iten and see if you can update stock from there?

The first step, load the item in item collection.

Step 2
In the shopping cart I load the item and there it deducts -1 from the item collection

Step 3
When you are going to verify the cart and want to delete an item, there it does not allow me to update the item to return to item + 1, because they are in the collection of purchase items

I ALREADY tried to update the purchase item but the stock is loaded in the item collection, I just need to solve this step

Thanks for the explanation, can you show the options here:


Sure, There is no ITEM option, so I cannot update the current item, only the order item, the initial stock is not there

Hi @Santiago ,
There is no option, maybe you didn’t create relationship between the items (iten) in inventory with the “itens de pedido”. If relationship is not created, you cannot access the stock during the checkout process in the last steps:

Update → current itens de pedido → iten

If you look into the “Food Truck” app that Adalo has, the structure is built there:

Menu Items (Your equivalent to Itens)
Order Items (Your equivalent to itens de pedido)

Hello, how are you, there I am looking to see if that way I can solve it, is that I was adding several actions … I’ll tell you shortly how it went with that! Thank you so much

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