Make an inventory system

Hey all, I have built an app to order products and want to put an inventory system in place. Once an order is placed i would like the current order item quantity to be subtracted from the current items inventory. This way a list can be filtered to only show items which the inventory is not equal to 0 and to avoid items that are out of stock being ordered.

Sounds super easy but I do not know why i cannot figure it out! Someone please help.

This shows the database and flow in the app. There are categories which have items inside of them. A user creates an order and adds order items into the order.

Hi @dixonmatt45 ,

This subtracting process is similar to online ordering, it is just you add stock property in products collection and do update action whenever transaction is saved.

Take a look at free cloneable app in Resources category.

Hey @Yongki ,

Which cloneable app is it? That is exactly the process I though, but i cannot seem to get it to work.

It is online ordering app here,

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