Help with AirTable Filter Formula for Lists

Hi there,

I’m struggling with the filter formula for my AirTable collections. Can anyone help clarify? I’m using the formula as written on the resource page below, but still getting all of my records appearing in a jumble. The first collection list is working swimmingly, but the second just isn’t.

Many thanks for any and all assistance!
Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 2.59.28 PM

Hi @lamp Lily,

What filter would you like to implement?
At the moment it seems you’re comparing the challenge field value with itself?

The help section you’re referring to shows how to display Activities filtered by Trip Name: “…Activities that belong to the Current Trip”.

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you, Victor! That’s right, I was trying to find a way to display “current” challenges, and I was looking for the “current challenges” option, but I was able to go about it a different way (and it did help to rename my airtable columns!)
Thanks for your feedback,

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Hi, I’m also having some difficulty using an Airtable formula to filter my list in Adalo. The list that I’m trying to filter is within another list, and both lists are Airtable external collections.

Here is the formula that I am trying to use:

AND({Lookup volunteer email} = ‘user email’, {lookup participant formula}=‘FORMULA’ ).

In this formula, {participant} and {lookup volunteer email} are both column headers in the list that I am trying to sort. ‘Formula’ is the airtable column header for the list that this list is within. ‘User email’ is magic text.

I tried doing two separate filters, but that didn’t seem to work.

Any help would be appreciated!

Also, on the same theme, I’m trying to use an airtable formula to only display event dates that start after the current time. The Airtable formula for this uses IS_AFTER, but it is not working when I try to use it in Adalo.

options I’ve tried:

IS_AFTER({Start date and time}, ‘Current time’)) <<Magic text
IS_AFTER({Start date and time}, ‘Today()’)) <<Airtable notation

I am also having issues with filtering an airtable databse. This one is for appointments. Without the filter it works fine, but using ({Members}=‘userID’) I get nothing.