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Hello all, I have a PWA that I’m trying to get to let users search for an address via the google maps api, then bring you to a page for that specific address, on which you can write things about the address. So so far I have the maps search bar then a button next to it that both links to a page with the current address and also creates a new address in the database if the count of matching names is equal to zero. I’ll attach a screenshot. When I preview, it works for the first time I put in an address, but if I go back and put in he same address, it’ll be blank where it’s suppose to show the current address name. I can provide more screenshots/videos if needed. I’m pretty new to this lol and I’ve tried a lot but I’m now stuck. Thank you!!!

Also, off topic but if this changes anything, ideally I would want a street view picture of the address inputted. My only thought is using a street view link and using a magic link to inject the current address’ longitude and latitude. If anyone has any ideas I would be very grateful haha.


Ok so I think I fixed it by changing the search button to a list of all addresses while also doing the same create technique. Lmk if I’m doing this right lol, also still no progress on the street view feature.

Hi @nol,

I feel like I didn’t get this part :

You are doing this with the Location Input that Adalo released or a normal input and using the API? Maybe showing your setup,database and preview from a video? ( you can use Loom )

You can do that! :

But it needs a Lat and long. But I think you can do that with the address too!

Thank you

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Thanks for your help!! I switched the button to a list and it seemed to fix it. I’m using the location input from Adalo. The search button next to it then turns the inputted address into an address in the database. Is there a better way to set it up? Also thanks for your help with the street view! It worked but for some reason I can’t put the inputted address’s latitude and longitude into the database so the street view image uses the inputted address directly, causing it to display nothing if I change pages or go back to a certain address. I attached a video of my setup and everything. Thanks again!

Thanks for the video!

Oh so you want like enter a address create it if only when there’s not a record for that address else just link it and in the other screen it shows the street view of that address and ratings?

I will share a video today!

Yes exactly!

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Here is the video! ( actually it’s two videos :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) : Addresses Part 1.mp4 on Vimeo , Addresses Part 2.mp4 on Vimeo

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Oh my god thank you! I redid my own and I think it works perfectly! I was also able to learn a bit more about how Adalo works and how to achieve certain things. I’ll let you know if I have any further questions/issues. Thank you for your help I really appreciate it. You should create a buymeacoffee or something so people can tip you for your help haha

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Your welcome!



I don’t have a one but if you like you can do that through Nocodeahare that Axel ( @axme ) created!

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