Maps doesn't display/allow any new addresses

I’m currently having some issues with the maps component.

I have less than five test addresses in a database that work and display correctly on the map. If I add a new database record with an address copied directly from Google Maps, the map doesn’t display.
If I change the address of the new record to an existing address in the database, then the maps displays correctly.

Anyone have any suggestions on what might be stopping any new addresses from being displayed?

It has been an issue for 3 weeks now and Adalo has failed again to respond or help or have an answer. Get use to it tho not sure what they do there other than open and close tickets with no resolve!

I’ve removed restrictions on the API and it’s suddenly working, though this isn’t a great way to solve the issue. It also doesn’t help me identify what changed to cause this problem.

I faced the same problem lately, opened a ticket with no luck as always :weary::weary::weary:

But I recommend you to use Google map directly to your map in html or Java code.

This how I solved from my side.

You don’t need this components as long you can use Google.

My app displays others user’s and their location

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