Help with database set up and creating a specific form

Hi there, I’m creating a workout app where users can create their own workouts from a set of ‘Moves’ from different areas (e.g. legs, backs, arms) and save them. In my database, I have:

  • The move/areas relationship a many-to-one - so that each Move is available to one area to one Area (e.g. sit-ups to abs)
  • The areas/custom workouts relationship a many-to-many - so that different custom workouts created by various users can have many areas targetted
  • The custom workout/user relationship a many to one - so that each user can save multiple custom workouts but each custom workout only belongs to one user

A couple of questions:

  1. Is this the correct logic?
  2. When I try to allow users to create a new custom workout I cannot select the logged-in user (please see image)?
  3. How best should I display this on the app
  4. The next stage would be to add a filter at the beginning asking people how long they have to work out, then select the area they want to exercise before allowing them to select a certain number of moves according to the time each move takes and how long they said they could work out for. How do you think it best to do this?

Thank you!

Responded with the same thing on slack, but in case others run into the same issue:

If you already have a relationship between moves <> workouts and areas <> moves, you probably don’t need an explicit relationship between workouts <> areas. You can simply select Current Workout > Moves > Areas wherever you need that data.